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alphabyte-The Learning Terminal..India’s first Tech-n-Brick Education platform

As I write this article, our team prepares to launch the 8th Campus of alphabyte-The Learning Terminal in Noida. Over last 15 months, alphabet-The Learning Terminal has shaped into a unique Teaching-Learning platform which combines high-quality Brick & Mortar infrastructure with cutting-edge Ed-Tech to deliver some of the best possible content for different learning age groups with blended learning pedagogy.

alphabyte-The Learning Terminal..India's first Tech-n-Brick Education platform

Our flagship offering, the Genius Learning Program, offers a personalized learning experience for children aged 5 to 12 years in Mathematics, English, Robotics, Maker’s Lab, Theatre, Logical Reasoning, and Critical Thinking. One key differentiator which helps us stand apart and deliver exceptionally high-quality content is our ability to aggregate content from some of the best content providers across STEM, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Life Skills. Currently offered as an After-School program across all our centers, we have seen a great response from learners and parents alike cutting across the cities of Gurgaon, Noida, and Indirapuram.

Another successful program which we have been offering across all our centers is the International Teacher Training & Placement Program. The program trains young women in Pre-School teaching and program management and then places them with our high-end Pre-Schools and K-12 Schools across the 5 markets we are operational in.

The third program we offer is a personalized English Learning Program which uses mobile based Ed-Tech and Brilliant Language trainers and enables learners from different proficiency of English Language to scale up by at least one level for every module that they sign up for.

In the next 4 weeks, we plan to add another 3 centers across Dwarka, Vaishali, and Gurgaon, helping us expand our reach to 11 campuses across 5 urban markets. We plan to double our customer base to over 750 learners by end of Q4 of FY19. At least 50% of centers should operationally break even during this period; setting the stage for the next round of growth – 110 centers across NCR and its satellite towns.

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