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Ed-Tech for all

Ed-Tech in India is slated to grow at 15% YoY for the next 3 years with a base market size of about $ 2.5 Billion. And yet almost 70% of urban Indian learners belonging to lower middle income or urban poor families, will have no touch point to latest Ed-Tech innovation like Gamified Learning, Virtual Reality based experiential learning, Augmented Reality learning solutions and 21st Century skills.

Most of the proliferation in Ed-Tech segment is focussed on B2B sales involving high-end schools. Public School implementations often die a slow death after the pilot project is completed. B2C sales are limited to e-commerce portals where again the access is limited to the urban middle class.

There exists almost no or very little education infrastructure in the Tech-n-Brick segment where a high-quality Ed-Tech has driven learning ecosystem is open for the learners belonging to the lower income segment. Although there has been considerable time and money spent in this direction in the past, with many NGOs attempting to implement such projects. Unfortunately, sustainability becomes a challenge with projects sustainability linked to donor funding and an almost certain end of such projects because of the lack of continued donor support.

Is there a sustainable Solution?

Like in the case of microfinance, where finance was made accessible to the urban poor in a sustainable structure; Ed-Tech can also take this route. If students are given access to high quality, after-school learning ecosystem which simulates high-end school in both teaching-learning process and education infrastructure, then the large-scale impact is possible. At fee point of $10 per month ( equal to average one day pay for the lower middle income urban India family), such a delivery model has the ability to transform the learning space for this segment and yet be profitable.

Ed-Tech for all

Such a setup can cater to learners from not just the primary grades but also allow access to learning in the areas of job oriented programs like English Learning, Train & Place – Teacher Training programs.

At alphabyte- The Learning Terminal we strive to create high-quality learning eco-systems driven by technology and which offer learning programs for as low as $10 a month to the urban lower income families.

Over last 6 months, we have been able to provide access to over 30 students to Gamified Tablet & VR based learning Environment, equipping them with 21st Century skills and strong Speaking & Listening skills in English. We have also been able to train and place six high potential young women as teachers in premium Pre-Schools after their graduation from the ICEPT program. Another batch of five teachers is slated to start the program from July 2017. Plans of rolling out blended learning spoken English programs and IIT JEE program in partnership with Avanti are also on the table.

Our centers are located in the heart of high-density dwellings of our target group. Our first center in Sector 7 Gurgaon is a 2000 sq ft space with Smart Screens, Tablets, VR Kit; replicating the teaching-learning environment of a premium school. Our second center is slated to go live in the first week of July 2017 and is based in the heart of Badshahpur Gurgaon and will cater to a population of over 50,000 lower middle income and urban poor.

Apart from high-quality physical infrastructure, our core focus is to bring in some of the best possible educational programs & pedagogy available globally. CG Slate which is a gamified learning app based on Android platform is our choice of a learning tool for the primary grade program – Genius Learning. We chose this product as it aggregates content from different content providers and delivers it on its platform – making the whole process a joyful learning journey for the learner. It also enables us to track growth in student achievement seamlessly with its inbuilt growth tracker. The Train & Place ICEPT program is being offered in partnership with School of Education, Asian International College Singapore with AIC India facilitating its delivery.

The final and important piece of this solution is our Program Managers ( PMs) who come with impeccable English language skills and have a history of academic and professional excellence. With a high degree of motivation, our PMs are an important part of this solution. We plan to open around 40 centers over the next 3 years and will hire over 80 PMs to drive our network of learning terminals.

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