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For Admission Enquiry, Call Us at +91 8527321859Need Help Contact Us Call Us at +91 8527321859

Summer Camps in STEM Activities for Kids in Gurgaon, Noida, Vaishali, Indirapuram

13th May to 28th June

Timing : 10 am to 1 pm, Enrolment : Minimum 2 Weeks
Age Group5 to 8
9 to 12

4th Edition of NCR’s Best Summer Camp

Combination of Robotics , Coding and Theatre offered across all Alphabyte Centers across Gurgaon, Noida, Indirpuram and Vaishali

Give your child the STEAM ( Science, Technology , Engineering, Arts and Mathematics ) edge with NCR’s Best Summer camp which combines the future skilling of Coding and Robotics with Creative Pursuits of Theatre & Acting ; giving your child an opportunity to explore these skills this summer.

Logical Reasoning Summer Camp

Based on the Reasoning and Problem Solving- a Framework for Thinking, alphaLogic is a Scaffolded logic and reasoning development program. The program not only helps children develop the required skills for excellence and mastery in Olympiads but also helps them develop a strong acumen and become logical thinkers. Activities include Worksheets, Adaptive tests on Tablets and Timed-tests to develop reasoning speed.
When your Kids grow up their Logical Reasoning skills will be tested in entrance exams, job interviews and career growth opportunities.

Coding & Programming Summer Camp

Coding & App Development for ages 5 year onwards to impart young learners with these Future Skills. Children learn tools like Algorithmic Intelligence and Computational Thinking.
They learn how to break down complex problems using algorithmic approach. The Solution statement varies from simple animations and games to complex multi loop, multi stage games and Android Apps.

Robotics Summer Camp

Is your child ready for the upcoming challenges? alphabyte gives students the cutting-edge advantage in Robotics and programming to help them face future STEM challenges.
alphaRobotics is designed for children aged 5 years to 12 years and covers robotics from basic lego based pre-programmed kits to advanced programmable Robots with programming on Arduino Micro Controller. We focus on making kids self-reliant in Ideating – Designing – Creating tech-enabled solutions to real-life problems.

The Program is curated & implemented by our team which has alumni from the following Schools/Companies

National Institute of Technology
University of Chicago
Teach for India

Why should kids enrol in alphabyte Summer Camps?

Future Ready with STEM 

According to World Economic Forum, Complex Problem Solving and Critical thinking are key skills of Future.
Unfortunately School curriculum in India is not designed to impart these skills.

Critical Out of Box Thinking :

Instead of just remembering answers and reproducing children learn decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition, and algorithmic thinking to solve problems logically.

Expressions & Creativity

Even though most kids score well in tests they don’t fare well in presenting ideas, facing interviews or communicating in a group. We address these issues are they are vital in their future career & life growth.

Creators Instead of Consumers :

Instead of playing games, using Apps or wathcing videos children become creators of Games, Apps, Animated stories and enact dramas. Our children are proud creators, a skill that lasts a lifetime.

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