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For Admission Enquiry, Call Us at +91 8527321859Need Help Contact Us Call Us at +91 8527321859

LanguageSmart English Learning Program

The smart blended learning solution for English Language

  • Dynamic Classroom led by CEFR Certified Language trainers
  • Mobile app for constant learning experience at home.
  • Personalised learning plan for every learner based on the current level of fluency.
  • Guaranteed learning progression of at-least one level .
  • Industry specific learning track with mock interview prep for College Graduates seeking jobs.

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Why Learn English With Us?

Customised Modules

From One-on-Classes to Group Classes, we offer batch Size and Learning Process to suit your need.

Our Program is also customised to suit the end goal – Personality Development, Job Search or Career Development ; we have modules to address specific needs of every individual learner .

This makes SmartEnglish one of the best English learning Programs in Delhi NCR.

Personalised Learning Plans

Each Learner at Alphabyte SMART ENGLISH Program under goes a baseline test to determine the current level of English. Based on the base line test, learners are categorised into the following levels of proficiency :

  • Elementary.
  • Begininer.
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Each learner gets a learning plan designed to ensure that he/she moved at-least one level .

Learning on Demand

At Alphabyte, we use Ed-Tech in the form of mobile based learning app, which allows you to learn while being away from the classroom. 

The modules on the App are in sync with your learning plan and ensure that you are able to track your learning growth real-time . 

The App also allows you to access different learning resources and videos which you might want to revisit to enhance your learning experience. 

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