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For Admission Enquiry, Call Us at +91 8527321859Need Help Contact Us Call Us at +91 8527321859

English Classes for Children

alphaEnglish is a personalized learning program to enable our young learners to excel in English Writing, Reading, Speaking & Listening. Split into 4 progressive levels for each grade, the program allows the learner to start from the level best suited, based on the outcome of the entry-level BASE-LINE assessment.

Designed as a 6- 8 hours a month program, alphaEnglish is split between one day during weekday and Saturday. (The actual schedule varies from one centre to another)

alphabyte – the learning terminal has 9 English Learning Institutes spread across Gurgaon, Vaishali, Noida & Ghaziabad(Indirapuram). Our new age ed-tech powered English learning system is tailored according to the needs and learning prowess of your child. Your your nearest alphabyte center to learn more about English Speaking & Writing classes.

Activites conducted at alphaEnglish English classes

English Writing Workshop

This is a Scaffolded tool to help children express themselves in written form. Starting with a basic combination of drawings and words by 5-year-olds to well-structured fiction/biography by 10-year-olds, the program helps build strong writing skills.

English Reading

Every Child is given a book to take away home and read. They are given a format to write a gist of their reading. Upon submission of the gist, every child gets 5 points which they can add up and redeem gifts of their choice. Reading skills inculcated once, helps them become lifelong readers.

English Speaking & Listening

This is a Scaffolded Speaking & Listening program which helps children give structure to their thoughts while they express themselves verbally. Like the above two programs, this is age appropriate and personalized.

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