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Sector 7, Gurugram Campus:

I want to confess one thing that when I got busy and was not able to give proper attention to my daughter’s studies, alphabyte’s teachers took care of the same. I want to praise this centre which has cooperative teachers who love your child and care like a mother and family. They teach nicely and with utmost morality. I am completely tension free that my daughter is in safe hands.

Vandana Tokas
mother of Cherisha Tokas

Radhika has shown improvement in her studies after joining alphabyte. I am satisfied with the work of the teachers.

M C Rathore
grandparent of Radhika Rathore

I have found an improvement in Himank. His spoken English and vocabulary have improved considerably. His ability to think and reasoning power has also improved. Here a student is given various opportunities to expose themselves. In other words, I found an overall development in my child.

Kavita Madan
mother of Himank Madan

I am very happy with the centre and the team of teachers. Thank you for helping her grows academically. It is great to see her excitement about coming to alphabyte even on days when she is getting late and talk about how much she enjoys learning here.

Richa Purohit
mother of Rakshita Purohit

The experience with alphabyte was amazing as she has learnt many new things… You have made complicated things easier through your guidance that she learned them easily. Thank you for teaching my child and making her good in studies.

Seema Bareja
Mother of Deepanshi Bareja

My ward started using dictionary as well as finding synonyms. She is now more comfortable in reading newspaper.Alphabyte is always there for her help.
Alphabyte is not giving any shortcut for success. Here child learns “Practice makes a man perfect.
Thanks to Alphabyte team

Mother of Linisha

Sector 4, Vaishali Campus:

Alphabyte proved to be an apt learning platform for my daughter. She was apprehensive about going to classes every dayand learning subjects like Maths and English which are taught in school also. But, within a month I could see the change in her attitude, I was sure she won’t continue but it’s her third month and now, she looks forward to the classes and eager to go for classes as early as possible. There is a difference in learning, now I do not have to be after her for Maths and English, improvement is noteworthy.She is in love with Robotics Class and Theatre is a fun way to relax. Logical Reasoning has improved her mental abilities as well as logic making skills.Overall, a win-win situation for me. As a parent to enrol my daughter at alphabyte. I look forward to many more sessions with them

Divya Mittal Rastogi
mother of Saumya Rastogi

Our son has just finished 3 months at Alphabyte and we have seen a positive transformation in both his academic progress and confidence. Picking the right education institute for your child is the hardest thing and we are glad we made the right decision and we believe Alphabyte has a bright future which our son is delighted to be part of.

Anuj Narula
father of Dakssh Narula

At alphabyte our kids are learning new concepts, spellings every day and we see a continuous improvement in our kids. The way they are learning and growing is of huge importance…i wish them all the best for future.We highly appreciate the teaching skills offered by your renowned institute. The staff make themselves very accessible and very supportive. The teachers have helped my son significantly gain confidence and self-independence. We are happy to see the positive changes he has exhibited since his admission and we are sure he will continue to advance his education while attending the institute.I respectively here mention that some more instructive guidance may be given in robotics n Englishto make him diversify in all the streams collectively n efficiently. Thank you to all the staff n teachers and we specially admire Mrs.Sonal, his teacher who has proved to be a very good mentor and helped my son in exploring his academic n personal skills. We are confident that Alphabyte has set a solid foundation for the learning path of their students.

Ashima Bansal
mother of Advika Bansal

Sector 51, Noida Campus:

My child has grown drastically since I made him join Alphabyte. Theatre has really helped him in gaining confidence which is evident in school and other places as well. He was a shy kid before this and often had difficulty in expressing himself.

Garima Bajaj
mother of Madhvendra Bajaj

Both my sons joined Alphabyte 4 months ago, the GLP program has helped my children grow in terms of English speaking and confidence. Their performance in school has improved as their concepts are getting cleared at Alphabyte.

Satinder Kaur
mother of Baldeep and Jagjeet Singh

Sector 48, Gurugram Campus:

Fantastic! Loved how every child is given attention. It is a perfect amalgamation of English, Maths, Logical reasoning, Robotics and Theatre. I can see the benefits of sending my child to alphabyte. Not only he is achieving a higher level, he is confident with himself and his abilities.I am grateful for the loving care and guidance he receives. The teachers look at each child as an individual with their own strengths and needs. My son’s favourite is ‘Robotics’ that addresses the growing demand for teaching science, technology, engineering & math. I could say more, but in short, I recommend alphabyte to all students of classes I to V.

Shefali Juneja
mother of Panav Juneja

Firstly, I want to Thank alphabyte for immense growth in Pratish. My son is not much expressive, but due to encouragement, supportive nature, proper guidance I can see he has started to express his ideas in a better way. The play performed by the kids are great! He feels enthusiastic and eagerly waits for the next class. I wish you all the best! Keep up the good work!

Debarati Rishi
Mother of Pratish Rishi

Palam Vihar, Gurugram Campus:

He joined alphabyte four months back. I have seen a lot of improvement in him in this short span of time. He gets to learn a lot of new things in class. Vedant does not want to miss his class even for a single day. We are lucky to have alphabyte in our area

mother of Vedant

Sector 66, Gurugram Campus:

My daughter Shreya likes the Genius Learning program. She got a chance to learn spoken english in this program. The teachers are good that is also one reason, she likes to go to Alphabyte. Gifts redeem against the CG point, makes her happy. Classroom infrastructure is fantastic.

Shilpi Tyagi
mother of Shreya Tyagi

My daughters Annu Yadav and Tannu Yadav like the atmosphere of Alphabyte. They have a systematic approach to teach English, Maths and EVS. Use of ed-tech and way of delivering classes make it more interesting. Other activities like robotics and spoken English classes prepare them for future. My kids like to go Alphabyte

mother of Tannu Yadav
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